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2010. is the orchestra on strike? oh, it was just being quiet. mr. bill had give ten other instructions. hope you have a great night. speaking of -- >> the bill o'reilly factor is on. airports all over the world remain in chaos because of the underwear bomber and now anmen american muslim group says no arab profiling should take place. john stossel and ann coulter have some thoughts. >> i want to know why you gave bill after he allegedly raped a six-year-old girl. >> a massachusetts judge lets an accused child rapist out of jail and the guy is promptly charged with raping a three-year-old. is it legal as an investigating the judge. >> judge, it is cowardly not to
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comment on a bail decision like that. >> look what i have got. >> and what is going on south of the border in the weather areas? wait until you see this. bill schulz caution. >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. i'm bill o'reilly. thank is for watching us. another victory for al-qaeda and that is the subject of the talking points. when you think about it, the underwear bomber kind of pathetic. a 23-year-old loon willing to give up his own life to kill innocent is a civilians and his clumsy attempt to kill people shows how downgraded al-qaeda
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operations are. compare that to the sophisticated attack on 9/11. however, just the attempt by al-qaeda to kill people has thrown the world into chaos. airport security is a mess,ing massive delays almost everywhere. everybody who flies is going to be punished. that is a huge victory for al-qaeda who wants to disrupt western civilization and kill as many infidels as it can. you can just imagine al-qaeda leaders in pakistan and yemen con brat lating themselves over the mess they created. this is frightening. these people can damage the entire world just by feble plot. it is easy for murderous thugs to frighten innocent people. all it takes is one mistake in a massive by gramcy and you have the underwear bomber. today, president obama met with his intelligence people to try to figure things out.
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okay, that's necessary. mr. president, it is impossible to stop terror activity. it simply can't be done. the solution must be much more intense. confiscating shampoo from old ladies is not going to cut it. president obama must understand that tough rules ofen gagement must be implemented to find and kill terror leaders. so far the president has used drones exclusively. they execute bad guys. when the bad guys are captured things begin falling apart and the u.s. looks weak and confused over the continuing debate over the rights of foreign jihaddists. simply put, they have no rights, none, they should be killed on the spot and they are being killed by the drones. if captured they should underto harsh interrogation and be placed in military prisons, right? reports are a third of the terror plots since 9/11 have
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occurred on president obama's watch. that stat is debatable but there is no question al-qaeda is becoming more aggressive. every other issue is a side-bar. the usa must destroy the al-qaeda leadership whereever they are. yes, there is an unlimited supply of these terror killers but as the usa demonstrated after 9/11 you can decimate al-qaeda leadership, it can be done. the the question is does president obama have the will to do it? now, for the top story tonight. the council on islamic american relations based in washington is objecting to any profiling of muslims or arabs at the airport or anywhere else. that, of course, is causing controversy as worldwide terrorism is now almost exclusively generated by muslims so why shouldn't they be profiled? joining us to answer the question, abraham hooper, the spokesman for care. you and i were talking before the program and you said muslims fly, too. these people don't care if they kill muslims. you have a 23-year-old guy
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floating around, he pays one way for a ticket, cash. i mean i would pull this guy out of the line i'm sorry and i would profile this guy all day long and you wouldn't? >> you mentioned at the top of the show that this chaos created by the incident is a victory for terrorists. you know what else is a victory for al-qaeda? profiling. al-qaeda's talking point is that the west is at war with all of islam and all muslims and when you profile people, when you pull them out of line based on the fact that they are muslim and or they look like they are arab, al-qaeda wins. >> bill: hold it. you can't be naive enough to believe that al-qaeda doesn't tell their people no matter what we do with profiling, whether we profile or not profile, al-qaeda and al-jazeera and all the prop began difficults are telling their people we are persecuting muslims no matter what we do so that argument falls apart.
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>> you are putting propaganda sails. >> bill: you are using common sense. common sense. >> profiling is ineffective. it is counter productive. >> bill: why is it ineffective? el-al profiles. >> they don't profile. >> bill: yeah, they do. >> they don't pull people aside. >> bill: they pull people aside all the time. >> they do it by behavior. bemaveor is the way to do it. >> bill: they say they do it by behavior but el-al the israeli airline profiles and you know it, okay. they put my young man, any young man -- >> they have a race based to begin with. the man who was charged with trying to bomb the plane in detroit should have been stopped six steps before he got on the plane. he paid for his ticket in cash. he didn't have any luggage when he was going on a two week trip. all of these things are behaviors. >> bill: but mr. hooper here is
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the deal and here is what you are not getting and president obama said the same thing that you said today in his statement. president obama said look, we knew about this guy, somebody just didn't put his name on the list but that is always going to happen, always. when you have a massive bureaucracy as i pointed out in the talking points memo there are always going to be mistakes. the last line of defense, the last line of defense are the tsa guys standing watching people come in to the airline. >> exactly. >> bill: and you are telling me that a 23-year-old muslim guy who has already been to yemen shouldn't be pulled out of the line, is that what you are telling me? >> you are talking about behavior. >> bill: no, the fact that he was 23, he was in yemen and he is coming on to the plane makes you pull him out of the line, sir! >> when you cast such a wide net -- >> bill: it is not a wide net. in how many 23-year-olds from yemen are going through amsterdam to detroit. one or two. >> how many 222-year-olds from saudi arabia -- 22-year-olds
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from saudi arabia and sudan and yemen and nigeria and all of the different countries and it is not just 23-year-olds. the new tsa regulations target everyone coming from or even touching ground in these -- >> bill: if you are in a terrorist country like pakistan. >> it is backdoor profile jag you got to look at almost everybody getting on the plane in pakistan. you simply have to. it is not responsible -- >> if it as political situation why aren't they doing indonesia that had the bali bombings. and the numbe mumbai. >> in i'm president obama i would order my tsa guys to pull anybody out of the line buying a ticket or getting their ticket from the counter. anybody who fit a young man in a muslim country with any kind of situation at all. because these. >> profiling arguments is very easy to make.
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>> bill: the bombers are young men. they are young men. >> the profile argument is easy to make because it makes you feel like -- >> bill: it is common sense. common sense. >> it doesn't do anything. each president bush's advisory council said profiling is ineffective and just plain wrong. >> bill: i don't care what they say i'm taking my model from elail airlines. the most. >> kimberly: risk airlines in the world. >> we always go to the el-al just like we goo to the swedish grandmother argument. el-al has a handful of planes and it is easy to clamp down on every passenger. if every passenger went through stricter security i don't mind that. >> bill: i'm not putting the grandmas from scandinavia view there and i'm not taking their shampoo, that is ridiculous. >> there is muslims in scanned nave valuable information -- in
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scanned nave valuable information, too. let's get more bomb sniffing dogs and puffer machines. >> bill: there is nothing wrong with getting more bomb sniffing dogs and having better security. there is nothing wrong with it. i'm telling you, it is arab and muslim generated terrorism that is plaguing the world. >> tell that to richard reid and timothy mcveigh. >> bill: timothy mcveigh drove a truck, mr. hooper. he drove a truck. >> and the up a that bomber and all of these -- and the una bomber and all of these people. >> bill: you can put young men from arab countries under a special microscope and we should. always good to debate with you by the way. you are a stand up guy. thanks for being with us. next up, john stossel, a big profiling supporter. we will hear from him. later, ann coulter thinks the airport security stuff may be
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going too far. we'll talk with ms. coulter as well, upcoming.
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>> bill: continuing now with the lead story, profiling arabs or muslims at airports all over the world. here is fox business anchor john stossel. don't take this the wrong way, but you could pass for omar sharif's son, grandson, nephew. >> or saddam hussein. >> right. if i see you sashay up to the airport in amsterdam i'm going to take a look at you and your passport and figure out where you have been. that is common science. are you wrong? >> you called me a big supporter of profiling. i wouldn't say that. i'm semitic looking and they should take a longer look at me than some very white grandmother from scandanavia. >> bill: you don't mind if they pull you out of a line and say
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please show me your passport and take you out of the line. >> i do mind that but i would take it. i think we are doing too much. i think there is too much fear about terrorism on airplanes when you compare it to what kills people in america it is very low on the list. >> bill: well, that is interesting. but the horror of flying on a plane and having a bomb by some guy is, you know, worse than the horror of cancer, i think. >> and that helps the terrorists win. >> bill: what i was trying to get the question to mr. hooper is that you use profiling in conjunction with the other common sense things like the airline of israel. and for you to just object to it because you don't want arabs or muslims pulled over is insane because all of the terrorism is being generated by that crew. >> who ho how do you know who a muslim? >> bill: you can see the passport.
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if i'm a marshall or in the airport and i see you walk in i'm going to take an interest in you or somebody younger than you. and find out okay, where is this guy from. if i see an 85-year-old woman walk in i don't care. >> fine. but that is lookism not based on religion. you don't know their religion. >> bill: you can't know they are muslim unless they put the prayer rug out and face mekka then that is a crew. if they have been to yemen and somalia and have a little dust from a cave in pakistan you might want to pull them over, correct? >> yes. one part of this that isn't being discussed is that we have government security. israel doesn't. and when 9/11 happened everybody got scared and tom daschle said the government has to take this over, you can't professionalize if you don't federalize and what nonsense that is. israel used to have government security. >> bill: it's private now. >> they don't rid of it because
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you can't fire the government. private contractors compete with each other. >> bill: aren't you tired of the prolit cali correct nonsense we can't profile everybody. >> yes. >> bill: this is stupid. dumb. the state of california has now banned transfats. stossel is a libertarian and he wants you to decide for yourself what you in guest in your body as long as it is legal. now, if you are restauranteur you can't have transfats in your food in california. they cause heart problems and i think that is pretty well established. >> pretty well. >> bill: what do you think about this law? >> i think they should leave the choices up to us. >> bill: but i don't know if there is transfat. if i walk in and i order macaroni and cheese i don't know if there is transfat in the macaroni and cheese. >> start to complain about that and start to patronize restaurants that say we don't have transfat.
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>> bill: what? >> first of all, we don't really know what the data is. it is supposed to raise the bad cholesterol and lower the good cholesterol. >> bill: all the studies say it does. >> this is the main ingredient in margarine. why is the government the nanny. in it makes the food cost more and makes it less. >> bill: because the government is protecting people who wouldn't ordinarily know that there is bad stuff in the food. see, i mean you walk in and you order something and you don't know if transfat is? there. if the government says no transfats you don't have to worry about it. >> but the government doesn't even do that if you have lobbyists or you are politically appointed. >> bill: public schools. >> public schools are exempted and certain groups are exempted. >> bill: you are doing a special on this. >> i will do a special on the food police i call them. >> bill: in california is, correct. restaurants can't have
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transfats but school cafeterias can kill the kids. does that make any sense? >> and we don't know that they are killing the kids. >> bill: that was a joke. you need to lighten up a little bit if you are going to be a prime time host. wouldn't you pull stossel over? just put the camera back on him for a minute. he would never fly again in his life if it were up to me. directly ahead, ann coulter has objections to the stringent airport screening and she will state them. later, another bad judge releases a child predator who police say then rapes a three-year-old. we run the judge down, literally, moments away. quality and reliability...
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>> bill: personal story segment tonight. one of the very intrusive airport security mechanisms is the full body scan where security people can pretty much
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see all of you. joining us with her assessment of that, ann coulter, the author of the book "guilt "which is now out in paperback. you have a beef about these scans? >> for seven years we have been stripping off our shoes and our coats and opening our computers and drinking breast milk and they can't stop this guy, the diaper bomber. say this is all a joke to make americans feel safe when they are no safer and let us just board airplanes. the latest, the body scan is by far intrusive. there is a federal court determining whether it can be required for people to visit people in prison to go through this. whether it is against your constitutional rights to be searched without a warrant. that is going to a prison. we are talking about americans flying to kansas to visit grandma. i promise you if they do this, your naked body will show up on
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page 6. i have taken an informal poll and i notice females t do objet to this a lot more than males, particularly the ones with the better figures worrying about bill clinton signing up for a civil service job. >> bill: oh, come on. >> it is intrusive and it won't do anything and you can see it won't do anything. >> bill: what do you mean it won't do anything? if this guy the underwear bomber went through a full body scan they would have seen the bomb in the underwear. that is what it is there for? >> no one credible has acertained that. >> bill: if you have a body scan and you have a bomb in your underwear they can see the bomb through the body scan. >> they will be able to see a container. >> bill: maybe, ann, if there is a container in your underwear then the tsa people would pull you over. that wasn't how this was designed. okay, bill, it was spread
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throughout the diaper. unless the bomb is inserted under the foreskin and by the way, i don't sear a clear angle on the anus, that is a pretty easy hiding place for this. moreover, the shoe bomber, i think it was 50-milligrams and the diaper bomber carried 80-milligrams. as long as there is carryon luggage they will get it on. the people promoting the body scans i believe are the manufacturers of the machine. >> bill: the aclu agrees with you, i think this is one of the few times you have agreed with the aclu. they don't look at it as a security issue as much as an intrusion of people. >> even a broken clock is right twice a day. >> bill: i think i would have the body scan stuff available for the people you pull out of line and you think are suspicious. >> right. >> bill: not everybody, all right, i think that is a common sense way to do it. but let's -- look, abraham
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hooper doesn't want any profiling of anybody at any time at anyplace. he doesn't want that. he wants more bomb sniffing dogs or whatever. you are getting to the point now and you rightly put your finger on it. we are all being tortured, everybody who flies is being tortured, can't bring any shampoo, they are making you take your clothes off and it is a waste of time, a massive waste of time. >> right. >> bill: so what is the solution? >> profiling is the only thing that will work. profiling is the only thing that will work. and by the way, even ibramam hooper's suggestion that everybody be treated the same would be better than we have now. because of political correctness it is a lot more elderly women. at lax, look at line, it is all blonde females. they won't throw out a muslim who is talking about infidels. they are so afraid of being
8:25 pm
accused of profiling the quickest way to get through is to look like one. the only way the body scan, the only way the body scan, the naked body scan machine would help avert terrorist attacks on airplanes is if muslims were the ones were so offended that they suddenly decided to stop flying. that is the only way it would work. >> bill: if you have a system where you can't stop as you say, you know, if they recruit some young woman who doesn't look semetic and has a phoney passport and a woman who walks through with a belt of whatever, then you going to have a terror bombing. i mean the terrorists know what is in play. they know how to dodge it. they knew that amsterdam holland was an easy mark. they knew that. al-qaeda knew that going to amsterdam, okay, on christmas day, these guys are going to wave everybody through. that is why they did it. they knew. >> i promise you it would have been no different at
8:26 pm
la guardia, bill. a couple of things on that. one is yeah, the profiling involves more than looking for the muslims, serving them bacon or something. but that is obviously part of it. you can have some women slipping through. i think there was a checynan woman in russia. the last three to attack americans on airplanes have looked amazingly identical. all males, all within about age 15, 15 to age 35 to 40. the identical eye color, skin color, half of them were named muhammad. so far the only advantage that we have is we know watt terrorists look like. in theory they could recruit someone that looks like you and me. people throw that out as if it is the most obvious thing. outages or me or somebody that
8:27 pm
looks like us could turn them in. it is having common sense in this and not harassing all americans especially with the naked body scans. >> bill: i agree they have to go back to the drawing board because you can't have lines down to georgia when going to a plan in boston. as the factor moves along this evening, whether president obama is being strong enough in the aftermath of the underwear bomber. then, another bad judge. this guy let an accused child rapist out on low bail and then police say the the predator promptly rapes a 3-year-old girl. isn't that nice. we go after the judge. stay tuned for those reports. d a nthi mnnerr viman lyeron m haogaberl lets. llmebee toe tmybeow isngtrd tiy ose. wiy r r n' toe vblmee. i'anrnd ind in gissi we.
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this is way better. get a 30-day free trial at >> bill: in the barack and a hard place segment. on mr. obama today. >> given the unsettled situation i have spoken to the attorney general and we have agreed that we will not be transferring additional detainees back to yemen that the time.
8:30 pm
but make no mistake, we will close guantanamo prison which has damaged our national security interests and become a tremendous recruiting tool for al-qaeda. >> bill: now, sarah palin, if you check out her facebook page, just crushes obama for that, colmes. >> crushes him. >> bill: says it is dumb and we shouldn't close it. i don't care about debating guantanamo. i think there are good arguments on both sides. it is a propaganda tool against the usa, there is no doubt. we are repatriating people back who are killing us. >> well, we have a constitution. >> kimberly: i don't care if they put them in illinois. >> bill: i don't care if they put them in illinois. do you think that president obama responded to this underwear bomber as strong as he should have? >> yes, i do. >> bill: i'm shocked. >> i didn't need the full body scan coming in here, by the way, that was not necessary. >> bill: you would be the one that would really take that off the table. once that scan was public, that
8:31 pm
scan would never be used again. >> in the whole issues tell. look, he was rightfully angry. he was upset. he had the same tone today. he was candid about it. >> bill: why weren't changes made before this? >> i think it is systemic. >> bill: what does systemic mean? what does that tell you? >> different agencies that don't communicate well. >> bill: why didn't he order them to communicate well and do something before this? >> yew are presumeing that you can always do everything ahead of time. it happens in every administration. >> bill: shouldn't he be held accountable for it? >> and that is where the buck does stop and he was clear that he got the team together and said this was unacceptable. >> bill: should he fire the team? >> if someone deserves to be fired just. i don't know specifically whether there is someone that deserves firing. >> bill: we had newt gingrich on last night and i asked him if america is safe and he said point blank no. >> you are never 00% safe with in a free country where you are not doing full body scans.
8:32 pm
this idea are we safe. we are never 100% safe in a country where there is ingress and egress and people coming from all over the world. you will never stop every opportunity for someone to hurt us. look, after 9/11 president bush in and vice president cheney had a 100% perfect track record in keeping the homeland safe from an islamic terrorist attack. >> bill: what about the shoe bomber? >> that was coming into the united states. it was not a domestic terror attack. it was meant to but but stopped by the folks on the plane. so far this year we had the dramatic uptick in the numbers attacks successful in being carried out. the shooting deaths of the u.s. military in little rock left one dead. the fort hood shootings. we have the arrest of five muslim americans coming out of washington, d.c. in pakistan on terrorism charges and the list goes on and now of course we have the detroit bombing. i disagree with alan
8:33 pm
completely. it knock three days to respond and another day to beef up the statement while on vacation in hawaii and then took him another 96 hours to say it could have been al-qaeda and back tracked from the isolate the extremist comments. he is talking with euphemisms. >> bill: why do you think he is doing that? >> i think president obama is a true believer and what i mean by that is he is a disciple of sal olinski who believed in the radical remaking of america by shattering its very foundation. i believe that president obama has take than to heart to the extent where over the last year we have seen him apologize for the united states relentlessly. >> bill: we can't want americans to be killed. >> how else do you explain his incredibly flacid reactions to these kind of attacks on the united states. >> bill: bush had flacid attacks including the response
8:34 pm
to katrina. this idea of bringing in olinsky. he said you can do things outside of the political system and outside of political office. do thing from thes from the grass roots and don't -- this thing that he is a boogeyman is absurd. >> ideology trumps everything. >> bill: i will give you the last word, colmes. the argument is and not just by monica is that president obama is so left wing that he can't bring himself, that he can't bring himself, all right, to admit that harsh and that is the key word measures have to be taken. >> we shouldn't be doing harsh interrogation. it is illegal and immoral and unethical. and we have peter baker in the new york times who talks about how many of the same security people around bush were retained by obama. he has the same advisors including the same defense secretary.
8:35 pm
the idea that he radicalized the country is a vicious smear because you disagree with this president on policy or tone that he should not be smeared. >> last night you asked speaker gingrich how do you account for this treating these people as criminal defendants instead of terrorists. how do you explain it? the answer is that ideology from politics trumps reelection and trumps all. >> bill: rock and a hard place. t legal. investigating judge thomas brownell who allowed an accused child rapist out on low bail. police say the guy then turned around and raped another baby. just ahead, weather reporting mexican style. wait until you see this, coming up.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. bill o'reilly in the s it legal
8:38 pm
segment tonight. a possible plea deal for the underwear bomber who is now being held in a federal prison in michigan. that caused controversy as some believe the military should deal with this guy. here now, attorney and fox news analyst kimberly guilfoyle. you are kind of a liberal person, right? >> you know, you are slamming me with that every time. you know, fairly liberal on some subjects. >> bill: they haul him off the plane and throw him into civilian court and now he is lawyered up and they have to make a plea deal with him. >> they should absolutely not. >> bill: but brennan the terror czar said they might. >> it is crazy. there are two reasons you make a plea deal. one, you are going to lose the case. they caught the gyred handed. his admissions were going to come in before he lawyered up. the second reason you take is plea is if you can get information but he blacked everything that he knew.
8:39 pm
he is nigerian and moss close to the al-qaeda thing and they wouldn't have told him a lot of things. >> bill: he was brought to yemen and trained and given money. >> he was not told a lot. >> this is problematic and establishes a dangerous precedent going forward. >> bill: you would have put him in the military right away. >> interrogated him and turned hip over to the military. >> i don't mind trying him in the civil courts because they are going to win. >> bill: but he was mirandaizeed right away. >> it was reported that he talked. >> bill: so what, it was reported that i'm from mars. you believe that stuff. we don't know what he said and didn't say. >> housers. they caught him on o the plane. >> bill: don't you want to know what the network is that got him the honey there and got him. >> i don't believe a nigeriaian 23-year-old. he is a short termer in the organization and they sent him
8:40 pm
off. i don't think he knows a lot, bill. >> bill: do you want to bring sanity to this? >> this was a valuable opportunity to get intelligence regarding this operation. are this was someone who did say look, there is 25 others like me. isn't that someone you would like to get additional information to protect americans and save lives. >> bill: i agree there should be no plea. >> why is he getting the rights and privileges of a u.s. citizen. >> bill: this has been the debate for the last fen years, okay. that is the debate. the civil libertarians want to give them everything and people like you and me i think saying no, the military should handle him. let's go to massachusetts we may need the military there. this judge, they get a guy in there charged with raping a six-year-old girl. they ask for $200,000 bail. brownell the judge, put his picture up there, gives him $10,000 bail. he gets out, all right, this
8:41 pm
guy gets out, gardner and the police then arrest him for raping a three-year-old girl. so we sent producer dan bank up to see brownell. roll the tape. >> judge brownell. how are you? dan bank with fox news and the o'reilly factor. i wanted to know why you gave joseph gardner $10,000 bail after he allegedly raped a six-year-old girl? >> i can't comment by law. >> that is not true, judge, i have the law right here and that is not true. i have the new law right here and you are allowed to comment. >> you don't know the law. >> i have the law right here. why don't you talk to us? do you have any comment for the family of the three-year-old girl who was raped by joseph gardner? judge, it's pretty -- not to comment on a bail decision like that. >> bill: we asked guilfoyle and
8:42 pm
weil to see if there were inten waiting circumstances to allow the judge to make a $10,000 bail when a $200,000 bail was asked. >> in fact, there are circumstances in aggravation. not only did he rape the child allegedly but for purposes of bail the charges are presumed true versus when you try the case in court. so the judge has an obligation to protect the community. >> bill: why didn't he do it? >> and this man broke into a home to commit this crime. >> bill: brownell is an irresponsible bad judge in your opinion. >> he has a history of put bail low. >> and you asked for extenuating circumstances. this guy the crook here has a nine year rap sheet, only 26. >> bill: so you agree with guilfoyle there is no reason on eartha this judge should have given the guy $10,000. >> and the other thing that the
8:43 pm
judge has to look at is danger to the community. danger to the community. >> bill: the guy is charged with raping a six-year-old. >> exactly. >> bill: and then arrested after he gets out on bail for raping a three-year-old. >> and the final point on this, too, is that his own lawyer when stood up to talk about bail, you know, usually they say oh, you know, bring it down, no comment to the $200,000. >> bill: when said to the judge you can comment, he was wecht. was, correct. you can comment. >> as of january this year, the law has been changed, can he comment. >> he is a judge and supposed to make well informed good decisions. >> bill: and is obligated to explain why he did what he did. >> and to protect children and cowardlessice coward islamists and inability to make good decisions. >> bill: in idaho, a final one.
8:44 pm
there is a good judge, and he sentences a teacher convicted of -- a woman convicted of sex with a 13-year-old boy to 20 years. >> statutory rape. well, the 13-year-old. she was grooming him. she was his 6th grade teacher. >> bill: so she gets 20 years? >> 20 years. now, to the other side of that is she is up for parole in four years. the sentence is 20 years. >> bill: and up for four? >> fair sentence. >> i think it is a fair sentence. what disgusts me is when i see the disparity in sentencing female predators versus males. she should be sentenced like that but then you have someone la faive gets ave gets a couple of years. >> this judge did the right thing. four years, it should be a little bit more. should be a little bit more. >> right. >> bill: thank you very much. the great american news quiz up next.
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tonight, starring howard dean and "avatar." he looks a little like the avatar people, does he not? the quiz is next. )%)%)%)%)%)%)ñ
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>> bill: the great american news quiz featuring the quiz kids themselves. fox news anchor martha maccallum playing for jo ann rinaldi of river grove illinois and steve doocy. >> ready for another year of the great american news quiz. i have been getting mail from viewers saying you guys are not up for it and they could do a better job. >> maybe we should have them come sometime. >> bill: is that a dare? dump him and then have a
8:48 pm
regular person. >> absolutely. absolutely. >> bill: i may do that. marsha isish viewing a challenge. i may do that. howard dean has been a vocal critic of obama care on the left. his 2004 presidential run was derailed by this bizarre incident. >> we going to south carolina and oklahoma and arizona and north dakota and new mexico. we're going to california and texas and new york and we're going to south dakota and oregon and washington and michigan! and then we're going washington, d.c. to take back the white house. >> i would vote for him, wouldn't you? >> ahhhhh! >> in which city did the infamous dean scream occur? concord new hampshire, burlington, vermont. sioux city iowa, des moines, iowa. which city did it occur. cards, please. and the answer is des moines.
8:49 pm
>> i knew it was iowa. >> i knew it was iowa or new hampshire. >> bill: it doesn't matter what you. you got it wrong. i'm starting to sympathize with the factor viewers wanting to come in here and wipe you guys out. diane sawyer took over for charles gibson on abc's world nudes. >> this is abc world news with diane sawyer. good evening it is so good to be here with you tonight. >> bill: she s so sincere, is she not? the most sincere person in the world. sawyer worked in the press office of which president early in they are career? a, richard nixon, b, jimmy carter, c, bill clinton, d, ronald reagan. >> bill: richard nixon is, correct. that was annoyers one.
8:50 pm
wanted to get back in the groove. >> warming up again. >> here we have a really hard one coming up. is this one it? no, it is the next one, four, that is really hard. here is question no. three. which news anchor, i love this, ended the year, 2009 by describing americans as a very angry people? >> bill: cards up, please. and the answer is -- roll the tape. >> i think when people are struggling that sometimes they need a place to vent their rage and to channel their rage and the think -- i feel like right now in many ways we are a very angry nation. >> i'm angry now. >> bill: i'm not. you guys should be angry because you both got it wrong. >> look, i'm not angry. >> bill: no? you don't really care, do you, macallum, about this at all.
8:51 pm
>> i hadn't heard katie couric say that. maybe you at home had and maybe you got it right. >> bill: all right. >> are you talking to your replacement now? >> bill: this is the hard one. all right, you got two easy ones wrong so imagine what this is going to be. question no. four. james cameron's avatar has already grossed more than a billion dollars. >> taking you backwards now. there is the true blow and here is the drink. >> you have to leave or you going to die. they sent us a message that they can take whatever they want. we can send them a message. >> bill: okay. now, sigourney weaver, avatar costar also appeared in what james cameron flick where the aliens weren't so nice. a, alien. b, aliens with an s. c, aliens three. d, alien versus predator. where did sigourney weaver
8:52 pm
appear? cards up, please. hard one, i told you. come on, doocy get the card up. >> bill: aliens. >> nobody knows whether they are aliens. >> bill: nobody knows, maccallum? look, our stage manager new. >> geraldo: who the hel. >> who the hell are you? >> bill: even though you don't know anything you are still tied and here it is the last question. sandra bullock was nominated for best actress in her role the blind side a movie about a true football player. roll the tape. >> this team is your family michael and you have to protect them from those guys, okay? listen. tony here is your quarterback. all right, you protect his blind side. when you look at him you think of me, how you have my back. how you have his, okay. >> yes, ma'am. >> bill: yes, ma'am. now, for what team does offensive lineman, michael orr
8:53 pm
a real guy play? a, the new york giants, b, baltimore ravens, c, dallas cowboys, d, rams. >> bill: the answer is baltimore ravens. okay. it's a tie. here is the tiebreaker. who are the ravens playing in the playoffs coming up? >> cincinnati. >> bill: wrong. >> tampa. >> tampa was 3-13. 3-13. >> it was a joke. the kansas city royals. >> bill: dallas is wrong again. we are running out of teams. >> jets. they are all left. at least i picked the teams that are left. >> bill: i'm a leaving it as a tie so tomorro thomas and joe t the same amount of gear because i got to get out of here. pinheads and patriots tonight starring the mexico weather. we have some great wow moments away. [ male announcer ] a bad cold hits your whole body.
8:54 pm
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8:56 pm
bill: time for pinheads and patriots. if you are tired of watching american weather people let's go south of the border. [ speaking spanish ] bill: even though i understand her, might be a patriot if she gets the weather right. cold all over the u.s.a. some are having trouble handling that. like this guy who approached a freeway doesn't lake. >> this is going to be [ bleep ] cold.
8:57 pm
bill: obviously that did not turn out well. there he is. i think it is fair to say the hefty guy may be a pinhead. even note beck-o'reilly sold out we will have an announcement friday. great shipment of tour gear in stock collectors items will increase in value. the mail, attorney general holder does not worry about protecting his family over rights for terrorists because he does not think terrorists are dangerous. how can that be we have 3,000 dead people in the ground. jackie: you don't want to get them they are evil people. i don't use that unless the evidence is overwhelming. policies are misguided not evil. frank:
8:58 pm
bill, have you forgotten obama and holder are idealists they want all human become beings to have the same rights. people make mistakes and rationalize their acts that could be in play. if it is the president is going to have a tough time getting reelected. look to the lawyer fence maker bill he told you he would be proud. they live in a fantasy world. jesse: mr. bill, how does brit hume know buddhism is not good for tiger woods. he should not judge religions, please fire brit hume. for what? he gave an honest opinion and he's entitled to do that jackie: brit hume was eloquent in advising tiger woods to turn to countries and we should all be praying for mr. woods. we gave each of our three sons bowl fresh for christmas who
8:59 pm
wanted to see your message. i appreciate that ray: bill at a recent office meeting i told a guy to stop being a blooter. bill, happy you are back i feel bad adam lambert isn't thrilled with you. jim: i never realized how you and adam look so much alike. two words jim, eye chart. e-mail us with 50 comments anywhere in the world, here's the word of the day, when writing do not be a varlet. what a great word.

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